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TMD Article

The use of neuromodulators (onabotulinum toxin A) in the management of temporomandibular joint disorders Introduction The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) articulates the mandible to the base of the skull. Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) are a group of musculoskeletal syndromes affecting the TMJ and the supporting musculature. The muscles, bony articular surfaces and disc may all be involved giving rise to dysfunction and painful symptoms. The most prevalent form of TMD is
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Stress Series: 5 – Stress, Botulinum Toxin and your mood

Facial muscles express emotion but are also involved in how you experience your emotions. By this I mean that your facial muscle actions affect your mood and perception. It is thought that the lack of positive facial muscle feedback means that a positive mood is harder to maintain. For example, there is mounting evidence and studies to show that patients who are unable to smile suffer from more depression. So
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Stress Series: 4 – Tooth grinding and Headaches

So far in this series we have discussed what stress is and the effect of stress on your body. We have looked at how stress effects your immune system and makes you unwell, and more closely at how it effects digestion and your stomach. Today’s stress buster tip is a very common and very specific problem Рthe jaw joint. The jaw joint connects the lower jaw (the mandible) to
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Stress Series: 3 – Stomach pain and diet

The remaining articles in this series are more specific to the symptoms and how to manage with practical tips and advise. I have preciously eluded to the effect of stress on the gastrointestinal system such as pain and bloating which is a common symptom in people who are stressed. This is because the blood supply to your stomach is reduced and so digestion is harder for your body to achieve.
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How stress ruins your hair and skin

A Brilliant article on stress from Womens’ Health Magazine Click on the picture below to read the article.  
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Stress Series: 2 – Can stress really make you unwell?

The answer is yes! There are studies that demonstrate how suffering from stress correlates with the occurrence of falling ill. However, it is the type of stress one suffers which can differ the impact it may have on your health. Types of stress There are two basic categories in which stress is split into: acute and chronic stress. Acute stress is temporary and triggered by pressure from a specific situation
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Stress Series: 1- Introduction

Stress is something that we have become used to living with in our daily lives. Stress occurs when we are no longer able to cope with a pressure that is placed upon us: this can be an emotional or mental pressure. This has a detrimental effect on your body. Work, relationships and money are the most commonly-cited stressors. In this series, I will look at some of the effects of
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Well done Dr Joanna!

Dr Joanna has achieved Accreditation as a Safe And Excellent Aesthetic Doctor! Save Face have been working hard to identify doctors in London and the UK who are recognised for their high standards in providing safe and excellent facial aesthetic treatments. And we are very excited to announce that Dr Joanna has been approved in meeting these very high standards. This means, when you come to see her, you can
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