Stress Series: 2 – Can stress really make you unwell?

The answer is yes!

There are studies that demonstrate how suffering from stress correlates with the occurrence of falling ill.

Stress-2-Unwell-1-wrHowever, it is the type of stress one suffers which can differ the impact it may have on your health.

Types of stress

There are two basic categories in which stress is split into: acute and chronic stress.

  • Acute stress is temporary and triggered by pressure from a specific situation such as deadlines at work, studying for exams, or even minor accidents. Essentially it is a problem that presumably can be resolved within the near-future, and once it has been dealt with, the anxiety is lifted also.
  • Chronic stress, on the other hand, which is also known as long-term anxiety, can be as a result of many different reasons, such as a traumatic event, whether it be during childhood or as an adult, living within a dysfunctional family home or having to deal with someone close to you suffering from an illness.
Illness due to stress

Consequently, due to this long-term weight of pressure, those who experience chronic stress are much more susceptible to falling ill than those with acute stress.

People with acute stress can suffer from physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches, indigestion, dizziness, chest pains and sweating.

However, those with chronic stress could fall victim to additional, more long-term health problems such as stomach ulcers or even heart disease!

Reducing illness from stress

Nevertheless, despite stress commonly being caused by external factors, there are ways for people to reduce their chances of getting ill due to stress through personal lifestyle choices.

For example, non-smokers are much less likely to fall ill, in addition to those who exercise regularly, maintain a good sleeping pattern and ensure they have a healthy diet.

Thus, essentially an overall healthy lifestyle is key to giving you a head start against health problems!